End of a (YouTube) era. Casey Neistat terminates his daily video blogging show.


For anyone who was/is a fan of the work of YouTube start Casey Neistat, of which I am one, the message contained in today’s episode had being coming for some time. When would this phenomenally popular internet tv show finally come to an end and what would it (the final episode) look like? For those who don’t know, Casey Neistat’s story is one that is typical of the American Dream. Raised in difficult circumstances in … Read More

Less is more. “Death” of the Stock Media Industry.


The stock photography industry has in recent years undergone a significant change with the emergence of a new guerrilla type movement that is focused on proving a real alternative to those of us who seek and need stock media (photos, videos, graphics etc) for our work. Established websites like Getty Images and iStockPhoto who sell stock media for, to be fair, pretty high prices, now have to contend with a raft of new websites that … Read More

Oh. My. God.


The Interplanetary Transport System developed by SpaceX/Elon Musk. It’s all about putting details on the overall goal of getting humans to mars. This is the beginning of a very long, ultra exciting journey. At this point in time, words fail me other than to say, Architecture Presentation

News Sources for US Presidential Election


As far back as I can remember I have had a very strong interest in the US Presidential Election Cycle. Much to the displeasure of my wife, I am oft scolded for staying awake late into the night catching up on news about the latest goings on in the crazy juggernaut that is American Politics and the many and varied news outlets that serve and profit from it. Below is an evolving list of my … Read More