Less is more. “Death” of the Stock Media Industry.

The stock photography industry has in recent years undergone a significant change with the emergence of a new guerrilla type movement that is focused on proving a real alternative to those of us who seek and need stock media (photos, videos, graphics etc) for our work.

Established websites like Getty Images and iStockPhoto who sell stock media for, to be fair, pretty high prices, now have to contend with a raft of new websites that give away their stock media for free. Yes, 100% absolutely for free, both for Private and Commercial use.

One such website is the deftly named “Death to Stock” or “DTS” to it’s friends. No prizes for guessing what it’s mission is. The business model is simple. It’s above giving away, for free, a vast amount of high quality stock photos (in many cases from a whole new generation of photographers who have not previously sold their work as stock) and retaining a segment which they provide for a modest monthly fee (approximately 10 USD).

The business model is simple, but effective. The high quality, free photos generate great awareness globally for the photo agency, and in tern, it is rumored, have pulled in over 200,000 monthly subscribers often at a rate of over 10,000 new sign ups per month. Hey, it’s good work if you can get it 🙂

Death To Stock also produce cool artistic videos on their Vimeo channel, one of which is shown above.

A short number of years ago, options were limited and were expensive for creatives around the world who wished to acquire stock media for their work. In the photo industry at least, we are experiencing a revolution of sorts and for this I say