IT SUCKS, but….

Gary Vaynerchuck is right. There are a hell of a lot more bad days than good when it comes to working for yourself. Whether you are hot on the tail of a ground breaking start-up, or trying to earn your living as a freelancer, doing your own thing is HARD.

Part of the “drug” for me is that I find that the good days (when they happen) are better than any good day I could ever have working for someone else. HOWEVER, the bad days (and there are a lot more bad days than good in this way of life), are the WORST, lowest and most stressful days you can imagine. When things go wrong as an entrepreneur, you are invariably on your own. You have no safety net. Many times there is nobody to pick you up off the floor other than yourself.

It’s a hard hard game. That’s why I never begrudge success that comes to any self-made person. Because no matter how much riches they may have acquired, if they are working for themselves, you as an entrepreneur know the pain and suffering they almost certainly had to go through to get to where they are.

In short, you just have to go through the sh*t if you want to come up smelling like roses 🙂