When We Left Earth – (History Channel Documentary)

The words “Pioneering” & “Legend” are often over used in describing many great things in life. However, what all the pilots involved in NASA’s “Project Mercury” initiative did was the definition of both of these terms.

Alongside their space faring counterparts / compeditors / enemies in Russia, these pilots were the first human being’s in the history of our world to exit our atmosphere and enter into space.

For thousands of years, we looked up into the starts and wondered what was up there. Project Mercury showed what it took to reach the impossible, unknown void of space.

All they had to do was strap themselves to a rocket previously used to carry nuclear war heads.

It’s now likely that approximately 50-60 years later, human’s will be able to pay for a ticket and ride into space as tourists. Even these guys might have thought impossible too.


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Apollo 16 (1972)